2013 World of Wheels Kart Racing
In conjunction with the 
"Texoma Shootout"
Mini Sprint Races
Wichita Falls, Texas
J.S Bridwell Agricultural Center

2013 World of Wheels Kart Classes
1. 3.5 HP and Jr1 Clone Caged 
2. Jr2 Clone Caged 
3. Jr3 Clone Caged
4. Box Stock Adult Clone Flat Kart
5. 125 Outlaw Caged
6. 250 Outlaw Caged
7. Open Outlaw Caged
8. Gold Plate and Stock Animal Caged

2 heats and feature layout
Pit Pass 25.00 per person

Tentative Schedule:
February 8th
Friday Nite 7:00pm till 10:00pm
Come by and fill out Minor Release and get Saturday Pit Pass
Do not have to bring kart on Friday Nite. It is preferred that the karts are in Friday nite, but its not mandatory

February 9th
Saturday Morning
You will be able to drive through pits from 7:30am till 9:00am to drop off your kart and equipment inside.
AFTER 9:00am you will have to unload at east door and carry kart and equipment in to the building

12:30pm - All karts must be inside 
1:00pm-1:30pm - All Karts will draw pills for position
1:30-4:30 - All karts will go through Pre-Tech and Weigh
4:00-4:30 Hot Laps will begin right after track has been worked for the Karts(we have been promised a good track to run on)

Once your kart is pre teched and weighed you may leave till 4pm. You pit pass will get you into the World of Wheels across the river.

These classes will run the same rules as the Lone Star Kart Nationals.

Any General Race questions need to go to the promoter Orville.  

I have been asked to help the World of Wheels again this year, and think with the new layout it might be a fun race for those that attend. It could also be a good warm up race for the Lone Star race at the end of Feb. 

I will do my best to answer all questions, just remember that Orville is the promoter and his decision is final. Orville and his wife Kelly want the karts in the World of Wheels race.

If you would like to race please let us know through email or on the facebook page.

3.5 HP Pure Stock and ​Jr1 Caged Clone
Ricky Murrey
Tiffany Brock - Lawton, Oklahoma
Caydee Terrell - Quanah, Texas 
3.5 HP Kameron Williams - Midlothian, Texas
Gaige Wright - Wichita Falls, Texas
3.5 HP Mitchell Mobley - Haslet, Texas
3.5 HP Caleb Rouser - Caddo Mills, Texas
Caysen Eager - Wichita Falls, Texas

Jr2 Caged Clone
Riley Marshall - Wichita Falls, Texas
Ashton Marshall - Wichita Falls, Texas
Junior Brock - Lawton, Oklahoma
Brayden Early - Oklahoma
Landon Ellis - Wichita Falls, Texas
Justin Davis - Indiahoma, Oklahoma
Carson Wilson
Mason Metcalf - Wichita Falls, Texas
Jacob Long - Cyril, Oklahoma 
Kyler Spradlin - Burkburnett, Texas

Jr3 Caged Clone
Hannah Krugle - Wichita Falls, Texas
Jonathon Powers - Iowa Park, Texas
Ryan Stone - Slaton, Texas
Ethan Daniels - Jacksboro, Texas
Bryce Stone - Lubbock, Texas
Mason Duke - Burkburnett, Texas
Cooper Duke - Burkburnett, Texas
Dale Alford - Wichita Falls, Texas
Garrison Spradlin - Burkburnett, Texas

Box Stock Clone Flat
​Matt Drotz
Leighton Clift - McWillie, Oklahoma
Ryan Early - Oklahoma
Greg Deatherage - Iowa Park, Texas
Tyler Webb - Wichita Falls, Texas
Perry Cummings
Braden Huff - Sperry, Oklahoma

125 Outlaws Caged
Grady Mercer - Seminole,Oklahoma
Caleb Huff - Sperry, Oklahoma
Lane Ashley
Cody Price - Farmersville, Texas
Dillon Macias - El Reno, Oklahoma

250 Outlaws Caged
Hunter Krugle - Wichita Falls, Texas
Andrew Neff - Holliday, Texas
Blake Allen - Ringgold, Texas
Austin Gruenzner - Crowley, Texas
Bryce Redmon - Randolph, Texas
Elliot Leath - Iowa Park, Texas
Wesley Engle - Durant, Oklahoma

Open Outlaws Caged
Shane Simmons - Iowa Park, Texas
Ryan Early - Oklahoma
Andrew Neff - Holliday, Texas
Jaycer Hudson - Seymour, Texas
Kenny Branum - San Angelo, Texas
Clint Maynard - OKC, Oklahoma
Tanner Maynard - OKC, Oklahoma
Braden Huff - Sperry, Oklahoma
Chase Lewis - El Reno, Oklahoma
Mike Rogers, Jr. - Burkburnett, Texas
Jordan Macias - El Reno, Oklahoma
Keith Hutton - Oklahoma

Gold Plate and Stock Animal Caged
Colton Pardue - Midlothian, Texas
Blake Allen - Ringgold, Texas
​Leighton Clift - McWillie, Oklahoma
(gold) Wade Rouser - Caddo Mills, Texas
(gold) Cheyenne Murray - Greenville, Texas
(gold) Shelby Price - Farmersville, Texas